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Meet the Staff

Alison Manning


Alison has participated in a wide variety of sports ranging from figure skating and swimming to rock climbing and scuba diving. She started CrossFit in 2017 and quickly fell in love with the barbell. Shortly after, she made the switch to Olympic Weightlifting and now trains with Godspeed Weightlifting Club in Perth. As her interest in the sport of weightlifting has grown, so too has her desire to contribute to the organization.

Dimitrije Mancic

Competition Administrator

Dimitrije started his weightlifting journey while attending the University of Guelph, with his 1st competition being the 2019 Toronto Pro SuperShow. Since then, he has been working towards improving himself in weightlifting, as well as seeking further involvement in the sport. Dimitrije now works as a strength and conditioning coach at LIFT Fitness and Performance, and competes under LIFT Barbell Club as a 96 kg athlete. As both an athlete and coach, Dimitrije seeks to motivate more junior athletes to compete in the sport of Olympic weightlifting, and to make competitions enjoyable for athletes and spectators.


Social Media Administrator - Engagement


Social Media Administrator - Communication

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