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What is a Technical Official?

A Technical Official (TO) is defined as any person who controls the play of a competition by applying the rules and regulations of the sport to make judgements on rule infringement, performance, time or ranking. A Technical Official acts as an impartial judge of sporting competition. This involves and obligation to perform with accuracy, consistency, and objectivity and the highest sense of integrity. (IWF TCRR 2020)


In Weightlifting, a Competition Director organizes the competition and allocates Technical Officials, with the assistance of the VP Technical, in the following roles: Jury, Referees, Technical Controller, Speaker, Marshal, Timekeeper, and Scorekeeper.


Have you considered becoming a Technical Official?

Technical Officials are invaluable to our sport and our competitions. If you are a supporter of Olympic Weightlifting or wish to contribute in our sport while not competing, why not become a Technical Official?

Reasons to become a Technical Official

  • Excellent way to give back to the sport and help develop it.

  • Gain a better understanding of weightlifting competition rules and regulations.

  • Work collaboratively in a team-oriented environment.


Benefits of becoming a Technical Official

  • Free education and training.

  • Develop leadership skills.

  • Create friendships and travel opportunities.

  • Contribute to your personal growth.


Ways to recruit Technical Officials within your club:

  • Approach athletes’ parents and seek volunteer help at competitions.

  • Contact former or retired athletes for assistance.

  • Recruit physical education teachers from schools/universities or have them appeal to interested students; may interest non-athletic students as a way to be involved.

  • Advertise on social media or club’s website.

  • Encourage club level volunteers to submit name and contact information to the OWA Executive Board.

  • Your ideas / suggestions!

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