Competition Planning

Here you will find the required forms in order to host OWA-Sanctioned Competitions.


Request sanction online

Request sanction by mail

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There are four types of competitions that you may request to have sanctioned:


Open Competition Subject to Doping Control (Fee = $100.00)

As of June 1, 2010 the OWA is required to pay the CWFHC a fee for all competitions registered for doping control.


Open Competition (Fee = $50.00) Competition is not subject to doping control.


Closed Club Competition (Fee = $25.00) Competition is not subject to doping control.


Inter-Club Competition (Fee = $25.00 per participating club) Competition is not subject to doping control.  


For Closed Club and Inter-Club Competitions: Three accredited OWA Technical Officials must be used in the position of Referees in order to qualify for the Ontario Championships. Two accredited OWA Technical Officials plus a third OWA member must be used in the position of Referees in order to qualify for the WinterLift and Ontario Classic.


For all other competitions: The Competition Director must supply a minimum of five Technical Officials. If the Competition Director requests the OWA to arrange Technical Officials, a $10.00 fee per athlete must be paid to the OWA upon the completion of the competition. In order to ensure a sufficient amount of experienced Technical Officials, this is a mandatory request for all Elite Competitions*.  

*Elite Competition: The Ontario Championships and Junior Ontario Championships, any OWA-sanctioned competition that requires achieving a qualifying standard to enter, as well as any out-of-province, national or international competition.

Deadlines and additional information for hosting competitions


Sanction requests for all Open and Subject-to-doping-control competitions  MUST BE RECEIVED at least 45 days prior to the competition date.  Failure to do so will classify the competition as "not subject to doping control" and therefore results will not count toward records and/or qualifying totals for various teams & competitions.


The sanction request form must be received 30 days prior to the event / competition date for all club and inter-club competitions and any other sanctioned events.


The OWA reserves the right to refuse sanction requests.


Only clubs with the capability to host 100 athletes are eligible to bid on Elite Competitions. This includes sufficient space for the competition area, warm-up area, Technical Officials and spectators. It also includes sufficient space for a jury at Ontario Youth/Junior Championships and Ontario Championships.


Competition registration will be posted on the OWA website at least 30 days prior to the competition. For Elite Competitions with qualifying standards, the registration will be posted only after all qualifying events have taken place. Host clubs must send a registration form and payment instructions to the Competition Administrator no later than 31 days prior to the competition. Please note that registration and payment will go through the OWA for all Elite Competitions, and the host club will receive the entry fees less the Technical Official travel compensation host contribution once registration has closed.


Competition start lists will be posted 10 days before the competition. Host clubs must send the OWA the start list, including names of coaches and technical officials (if not arranged by the OWA) at least 10 days before the competition date.


Results will be posted within 10 days of the competition. Host clubs must send the results as soon as possible after the competition.


Competition volunteers such as loaders, timekeepers and scorekeepers MUST be members of the OWA. The OWA understands that sometimes these positions are only filled at the last minute, so the host club is responsible to ensure that these volunteers have memberships before carrying out their roles at the competition. 

Hosts must ensure that proper disinfection procedures are in place at OWA-sanctioned competitions. See section and Regulation to 6.4 Weigh-in  of the IWF TCRR. The OWA also suggests that warm-up bars are cleaned between sessions and disinfection and cleaning supplies are available for the warm-up room. 

This template should be used at all competitions if you are not using owlcms or other competition management software.The first tab is the blank template. The second tab has explanations of how to use.  Updated to match cards used at most OWA sanctioned competitions.

What's new: new IWF categories, Sinclair updated to 2017-2020 coefficients, column for category Sinclair (Junior/Senior categories only), and still has a sheet for sessions with male and female lifters! YOB column is now formatted for full DOB only (YYYY-MM-DD) for consistency with other OWA results. Some fields are protected to avoid accidental deletion of formulas. 

This Excel workbook is an excellent template to use for scoring any OWA-sanctioned competition if you are not using owlcms or other competition management software. The first tab of the workbook explains how to use it. There have been some changes, so please review. To improve competition flow,mmended to use one workbook per session instead of one tab per session. This allows weigh-in data to be entered on a second computer instead of the competition scoring computer. 

Developed by Jean-Francois Lamy of Quebec, this free-to-download software can be used by any club to run any size of competition. Small meets can easily run with one computer. Larger meets may need more computers and displays depending on their setup.

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Please note: All OWA-sanctioned competitions are posted on Upcoming Competitions and on the OWA calendar.