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OWA Club Challenge

Next 2023/2024 Ontario Club Challenge Period: July 5th - 7th, 2024
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The Ontario Weightlifting Association wishes, as part of its implementation of the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD), to encourage the participation of all athletes who train in Olympic weightlifting to compete in Olympic weightlifting by organizing a series of 4 OWA Club Challenges (OCC) in the calendar year.


These competitions will be open to male and female athletes of all age groups. The main focus of these competitions will be to develop athletes and to increase the capacity of clubs to hold larger competitions. OWA Club Challenges will give a chance for all lifters to compete more often and to evaluate and measure their performance against other lifters of the same age group and weight category in the province of Ontario.  At the same time, clubs will gain experience, resources and skills necessary to host larger competitions in the future.


These competitions will all be held at participating clubs with the results emailed to the which will then be posted on the OWA website. Awards will be given to the top three clubs based on a point system, and the award should improve the ability of clubs to develop young lifters and/or host larger competitions.


Clubs may participate at their own facility, or several clubs may get together for the competition. Either way, each club is its own team and must be registered for the competition with the OWA.


Athletes may ONLY take part in the competition if they are OWA members in good standing AND their club has registered for the competition.


Sanction Fee (per competition period): $25.00

Athlete Fee: $6.00

Teams may be of any size; however, only the top 10 lifters' results will count towards team points. The team can be composed of any number of male and female lifters from any age group with no maximum athletes per bodyweight category. 


The competition period is the Friday to Sunday of the announced competition weekend. All team entries must be received at least one week prior to the competition period. All results must be emailed to no later than the Sunday of the competition period at 11:45 p.m.


OWA Club Challenges must be refereed by a panel of 3 referees, consisting at a minimum, of one certified OWA Level 4 referee, one level 4 referee in training who has completed the written test, and a registered member of the OWA. 


Ontario Juvenile records can be set at  OWA Club Challenges that are refereed by 3 certified referees. OWA Club Challenges can be used to establish minimum standards for the Ontario Championships with 3 certified referees  or for the WinterLift with at least 2 certified referees as long as they are performed 30 days ahead of the competitions and as long as the OWA Club Challenge falls within the corresponding qualification period.

The OWA Club Challenge Technical & Competition Rules details information specific to these competitions including participants, competition proceedings, team classification and point system, awards and more.​ As a sanctioned competition, the OWA Club Challenge is also subject to the rules and regulations of the IWF Technical and Competition Rules & Regulations, as well as exemptions to the rules as noted in the OWA Technical and Competition Rules

Each team (club) must complete and submit this form at least one week prior to the competition period. 

**NEW Effective June 9,2022 club registration now uses INTERPODIA. Athletes now register themselves using the athlete link in the next section.

**NEW Effective June 9,2022 athletes now register for Club Challenges using the OWA's INTERPODIA system.

This template, along with the scoring book, should be used at all competitions if you are not using the Olympic Weightlifting Competition Management Software (OWLCMS) or other competition management software. 

To improve competition flow, it is recommended to use one workbook per session instead of one tab per session. This allows weigh-in data to be entered on a second computer instead of the competition scoring computer. 


Developed by Jean-Francois Lamy of Quebec, this free-to-download software can be used by clubs to run competitions. Smaller meets can easily run with one computer or display, while larger meets may need more depending on their set up. 

2023/2024 Ontario Club Challenge #3 - FEB
Club Winners

1st place: Burlington Barbell Club

2nd place: Garage Gym Weightlifting

3rd place: Norsemen & Valkyrie Weightlifting

2023/2024 Ontario Club Challenge Winner


For current and past OWA Club Challenge results, click here.

2023/2024 Current Team Rankings

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