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All sanctioned OWA events are insured with a maximum of $5 million in liability coverage. Sanctioned events include competitions, training camps, meetings and clinics, and the OWA must have an approved sanction request on file. At a sanctioned event, all parties are insured, including athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers and spectators.


Training does not fall under a sanctioned event as described above. Training is sanctioned by the OWA only if ALL of the following conditions are met:


  • The athlete is an OWA member in good standing

  • The club is an OWA-registered club in good standing

  • The athlete is training under the supervision of an OWA-registered coach in good standing who is, at minimum, an NCCP Competition Introduction coach in training

  • The training is taking place on the premises of the OWA-registered club

  • The club has taken every measure to ensure a safe training environment

  • The training involves the two recognized Olympic lifts or strength and conditioning training that will supplement the lifts


It is the responsibility of the club to ensure that the club and all members have appropriate OWA memberships.


It is also the responsibility of the club to ensure that the facility and the equipment being used for the purposes of training meet applicable safety standards.


Should an incident occur at a sanctioned event or during sanctioned training, the OWA must be notified within 7 days, and an Accident Claim Form must be submitted to the OWA within 75 days. 

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