An OWA membership is necessary in order to participate in OWA-sanctioned weightlifting events, which include practically all weightlifting events in Ontario aside from informal club competitions. 


Memberships  for the 2020/2021 season are valid from April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021. Membership numbers are no longer being issued. All memberships will be verified before the competition. 

Membership Categories:

Elite Athlete ($80): The Elite Athlete rate is for athlete members wishing to train and compete at any Elite Competition*, and who have met qualification standards where required. Note: refunds will not be issued if an athlete fails to make qualification standards once an Elite Athlete Membership is purchased.


General Athlete ($50): The General Athlete rate is for athlete members wishing to train and compete at any General Competition*. Note: athletes may upgrade from General to Elite mid-season if qualification standards are met. Masters lifters should purchase a General Athlete membership unless  competing at Ontario Elite Competitions. 


Juvenile/Youth General Athlete ($25): The Juvenile/Youth General Athlete rate is for athlete members who are 17 years of age and under (calculated in the athlete's year of birth at the beginning of the season) wishing to train and compete at any General Competition.* Note: athletes may upgrade to Elite mid-season if competing at an Elite competition. 


Coach ($35): The Coach rate is for coach members who do not compete. Coaches who also compete should purchase either a General or Elite Athlete membership and provide their coaching level.

Non-Competitive ($35): The Non-Competitive rate is for members who train under an OWA-registered club but do not wish to compete. 


Technical Official ($35)The Technical Official rate is for technical official members who do not compete. Officials who also compete should purchase either a General or Elite Athlete membership and provide their technical official level.


Volunteer ($2): The Volunteer rate is for members who exclusively perform volunteer roles. Examples include, but are not limited to, loaders at sanctioned competitions; club directors who do not also coach, officiate or compete; parents; and drivers.


Lifetime - complimentary: The Lifetime Membership is complimentary and has been established for OWA members who have been recognized as members of the 35-Year Club.


Please note: In order to register with the OWA as an athlete or coach, you must be a member of an OWA-registered club, which you will represent for a minimum of one season. If an OWA member chooses to change their club membership mid-season, the member complete the Club Transfer Application Form. 


*Elite Competition: Any OWA-sanctioned competition that requires achieving a qualifying standard to enter: Ontario Championships, WinterLift, Ontario Classic, and any out-of-province, national or international competition. The Ontario Youth/Junior Championships do not have qualifying standards to enter, but is considered an Elite Competition as it is a provincial championship. 


*General Competition: Any OWA-sanctioned competition from club level to open that does not require achieving a qualifying standard to enter and that is not a provincial championship. 


Please contact with any membership questions.


The membership application includes both a waiver and an assumption of risk form. All members 18 years and older are required to complete the waiver (page 3), while members under 18 and their parents are required to complete the assumption of risk (page 4).

The OWA is not unique in requiring waivers to be signed. If you wish to view examples from other associations, you may view the Boxing Ontario application and waiver or the CWFHC 2015 Canadian Senior Championships waiver

Athletes requesting to be exempt from a mandatory competiton should submit a Request for Exemption form (see below).

2020/2021 Membership Application Forms

(April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021)

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Membership Upgrades

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