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Quest for Gold



Quest for Gold – Ontario Athlete Assistance Program 2019-2020 (OAAP) is funded by the Government of Ontario, through the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport (MTCS), and operated through the Sport, Recreation & Community Programs Division.  The overarching goal of the Quest for Gold – OAAP is directly related to the High Performance Sport goal of the Canadian Sport Policy – that Canadians are systematically achieving world-class results at the highest levels of international competition – by improving the performance and number of Ontario athletes performing at the national and international level, thereby contributing to the improved performance of Canada at international competitions.

Specific objectives of the program are:


  • To help athletes continue their pursuit of athletic excellence at the highest levels of national and international competition;

  • To encourage athletes to stay in Ontario to live and train;

  • To compensate athletes for earnings lost while training;

  • To enable athletes to successfully pursue excellence in sport while fulfilling their educational goals;

  • To increase athlete access to improved high performance coaching; and

  • To enhance training and competitive opportunities available to athletes.


The intent of the OAAP is to provide funding to individual athletes in the sport’s Train to Train and Train to Win categories based on their demonstrated commitment to high performance sport, allowing them to continue to pursue athletic excellence at the highest levels of national and international competition. Only those athletes that meet the required minimum performance standard detailed in this Selection Criteria will be considered for this program. Ideally an athlete will first receive a Quest for Gold “Ontario Card” for 1 to 3 years, which will allow them to train towards the goal of a national team position in subsequent years.  Once an Ontario athlete reaches the national level and becomes a recipient of Sport Canada’s carding program, they become eligible for the Quest for Gold “Canada Card”.  Athletes who are not planning to train towards this level of competition should not apply for this program.


For more information and important dates, please download the Complete Athlete Selection Package.

Final List of Nominated Athletes

Ontario Weightlifting Association is pleased to announce the athletes who have been nominated for Ontario Cards under the 2018-2019 Quest for Gold - Ontario Athlete Assistance Program (OAAP). The athletes nominated were selected using the sport specific selection criteria developed by Ontario Weightlifting Association and applied by (the) Selection Committee.

Full Card ($4,100):

1. Nikolay Aleksandrov Varbanov - Junior

2. Amanda Braddock - Senior

Half Card ($2,050):

1. Iggy Mazza - Junior

2. Connor Bazilsky - Junior

3. Megan Trupp - Junior

4. Taylor Littlewood - Junior

Appeals of Athlete Selections


Athletes who have not been nominated for an Ontario Card by their OWA Selection Committee or who have been nominated for a ‘Half Card’ versus a ‘Full Card’, where applicable will be allowed to appeal that decision by filing a “Notice of Appeal” with MTCS. Appeals will be heard by an Appeals Committee comprised of representatives from the sport community, selected by the MTCS.


Grounds for appeals will be limited strictly to issues related to:

A)  Whether or not the Selection Committee has completed the selection process in accordance with its

      own published selection criteria and related procedures;


B)  Whether or not the Selection Committee applied the selection criteria in a manner that was free from  

      bias, discrimination and/or conflict of interest. 


Issues related to the specific content or selection requirements contained in the OWA Selection Criteria are not grounds for an appeal and should therefore be discussed directly with the leadership of OWA. 


Please note that before an athlete can file a Notice of Appeal, he or she must first ask OWA for reasons explaining why he or she was not nominated for an Ontario Card.  


If the athlete is not satisfied with the OWA's response, the athlete may submit a Notice of Appeal, found below.  A Notice of Appeal will only be accepted from the athlete or their parent/guardian on the MTCS-provided template (typed or hand-printed, no hand-written entries) through email, regular post, registered mail, courier or delivered in person.  One appeal cannot be written on behalf of multiple athletes.  The Notice of Appeal must be received by MTCS by noon on the deadline day.  Appeals that are delivered personally or by courier shall be deemed to be received on the date of delivery. 


Once MTCS has received the Notice of Appeal, it will share it with the OWA, who will then submit a “Response” with MTCS by a specified deadline.  The Response will outline why the OWA believes that the Selection Committee’s decision not to nominate the athlete should be upheld by the Appeals Committee.  MTCS will share the OWA Response with the athlete.   


If, after receiving the OWA Response, the athlete believes that the OWA has raised new or additional reasons to justify the Selection Committee’s decision not to nominate the athlete for an Ontario Card, then the athlete will have an opportunity to file a “Reply” with MTCS, responding to these additional reasons.  The Reply must be limited to these additional reasons and cannot be used to make submissions already raised in the Notice of Appeal, or that the athlete neglected to include in the Notice of Appeal.  The Reply will only be accepted on the MTCS-provided template. 


Once MTCS receives the Notice of Appeal, the Response, and the Reply (if applicable), it will provide those materials to the Appeals Committee.  The Appeals Committee will discuss all appeals at once.   During its review of the appeals, the Appeals Committee reserves the right to request additional information from both the athlete and the OWA.


After reviewing an appeal the Appeals Committee will have the authority to:


  • Direct OWA to redo the selection process using the correct criteria/process and submit a new list of nominated athletes;

  • Deny the appeal; or

  • Allow the appeal and nominate the appellant for carding status. 


Once the Appeals Committee has reached its decision, it will contact the athlete and the OWA in writing to communicate its decision and the reasons therefore. 


An athlete who has had his or her appeal denied is not permitted to submit a second appeal to the Appeals Committee on the same or different grounds. 

Note: OWA is encouraged to resolve disputes or disagreements informally with athletes who have not been nominated to avoid, wherever possible, formal appeals. 


See the Athlete Selection Criteria Package for more information and an appeal template.