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International Competition Results

These international results feature OWA athletes representing Ontario and Canada.

IWF Grand Prix 1 (2024 Olympic Qualifier)

June 8th, Havana, Cuba

2023 Junior Pan Am Championships

May 10th, Manizales, Colombia

2023 IWF Youth World Championships

March 25th, Durres, Albania

2023 Pan Am Championships

March 25th, Bariloche, Argentina

2022 IWF World Championships

December 5th-16th, Bogota, Colombia

2022 IWF Masters World Championships

December 1st-10th, Orlando, USA

North American Open Finals

December 1st-4th, 2022, Atlanta, USA

North American Open Series 2

September 16th, 2022, Calgary, Canada

XXII Commonwealth Games

July 30th, 2022, Birmingham, England

2022 Pan American Championships

July 24th, 2022, Bogota, Colombia

2022 Youth World Championships

June 11th, 2022, Leon, Mexico

2022 Junior World Campionships

May 2nd, 2022, Heraklion, Greece

2022 Canadian Invitational

February 26-27,2022 Ontario, Canada

2021 Commonwealth Senior Championships

December 7th, 2021, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

2021 IWF World Championships

December 7th, 2021, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

2021 Pan American Championships

November 1st, 2021, Guayaquil, Ecuador

2021 Youth Pan American Championships

August 16th, 2021,  Monterrey, Mexico

2021 Junior Pan American Championships

July 9th, 2021, Manizales, Colombia

2021 IWF Junior World Championships

May 23, 2021, Cali Colombia

2020 Pan American Championships 

April 18 - 25, 2021, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

2021 North American Open - Hybrid Event

March 4 -7, 2021 Online

2020 Commonwealth Rankings 

Absolute Top 25 and One-Per-Country

Roma 2020 World Cup

January 2020, Roma, Italy

2019 IWF Grand Prix ODESUR CSLP

November 2019, Lima, Peru

IWF World Championships 

September 2019, Pattaya, Thailand

Nike American Open Series 3

September 2019, Florida, USA

World Masters Weightlifting Championship

August 2019, Montreal, Canada

Commonwealth Senior Championships

July 2019, Apia, Samoa

Pan-American Championships

April 2019, Guatemala City, Guatemala

IWF Youth World Championships

March 2019, Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas International Open

March 2019, Las Vegas, Nevada

EGAT's Cup International Weightlifting Championships 

January 2019, Chiang Mai, Thailand

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