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February 1/2, 2020: Winterlift (Elite)

February 9, 2020: College & University Extramural

February 15-16: NCCP Competition Development Course, Ottawa

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Upcoming Events

2019/2020 OWA Calendar

Please note: All OWA-sanctioned competitions are posted on this page and on the OWA calendar. Any Ontario competitions that are NOT sanctioned by the OWA will not be listed and are not recognized by the OWA, CWFHC or IWF. 

February 1 -2, 2020

2020 Winterlift

Kanama High Performance, 39 Cosentino Drive, Scarborough ON, M1P 3A3

Qualifying Standard must be met to register. See the Qualifying Standards page of the OWA website for more information.

Eligibility: Participants must be "Elite Athlete" members in good standing of the Ontario Weightlifting Association who have met the qualifying standards. All athletes MUST have an "Elite Athlete" membership to be eligible to compete. See the Memberships page of the OWA website to upgrade from "General Athlete" to "Elite Athlete" if necessary.

The start list will be posted prior to the competition.

Registration deadline: January 18, 2020

Fee: $85

Refund policy: Refunds will be issued if you withdraw before the registration deadline only.

This competition is subject to doping control.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

College & University Weightlifting Extramural

Centennial College - Athletic and Wellness Centre

College & University Weightlifting Extramural

Athletic & Wellness Centre at Centennial College –

941 Progress Avenue, Toronto Ontario M1G 3T8, Progress Campus


All participants must be students, currently enrolled in a Canadian College or University as well as be an OWA members in good standing. Proof of current post-secondary student status will be required at weigh-in.

*Note: An athlete may belong to any club but will be representing their home school for this competition.

Registration deadline: January 22, 2020

Fee: $75

Refund policy: No refunds once registered. Please note this compettiion runs on a Sunday.



-       1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards in each weight class

-       Best Lifter Award for Male & Female

-       Strongest School/Top Team Award 

This competition is NOT subject to doping control.

Contact Joshua Delgado for more information: jdelgado@centennialcollege.ca

Saturday, February 22 and Sunday, February 23, 2020

2020 Ontario Masters Open Weightlifting Championships

Parkside Collegiate Institute, 241 Sunset Drive, St. Thomas

Location: Parkside Collegiate Institute, 241 Sunset Drive, St. Thomas On, Canada N5R 3C2


Lifts: Snatch and Clean and Jerk.


Weigh in:  Begins at 8:00 AM, lifting starts at 10:00 AM


Cost: $75.00 per athlete (non-refundable) payable to Daniel Paré.  Payment options are E-Transfers or Cheques. For e-transfers stsa1258@aol.com, for cheques, 203 Highview Drive, St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada N5R 5H6. 


Inquires can be directed to Daniel.


Registration deadline: Monday, February 3, 2020

Eligibility: All master lifters. Males and females, 30 years of age and up and in good standing

with their respective Association/IWF.

Non-masters lifters in good standing with their respective Association are welcome to compete as guest lifters.


This meet is sanctioned by the Ontario Weightlifting Association OWA and is subject to drug testing.


For each Masters weight class category a medal will be given: 

-Males: First, Second and Third place 

-Females: First, Second and Third place 

-The best male lifter

-The best female lifter


Accommodation: Comfort Inn, St. Thomas, ON N5R 5B2 100 Centennial Ave. (519) 633-4082.

(519) 633-8294 GM.CN005@choicehotels.com


“When you call for reservation, reserve under “Ontario Masters”.

Group block will be held thirty (30) days prior to arrival.  Any rooms not picked up by then will be released. 


Cancellation Policy:

Individual reservations, NOT cancelled forty-eight (48)  hours prior to the arrival time of 4 PM local hotel time, 2 days prior to arrival to avoid a cancellation penalty.

Feb 15-16, 2020

NCCP Competition Development Course - Ottawa

Justlift - 895 Churchill Ave S, Ottawa, ON K1Z 5H1

8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

This course is intended for coaches who want to coach at the national level in the sport of Olympic weightlifting.

In order to be eligible to register for this course, you must be Competition Introduction Certified, or if you became certified under the old system, you must be Level 1 certified. This includes having the following in your NCCP profile:

  • A status of "Weightlifting Competition Introduction Certified"

  • Make Ethical Decisions Online Evaluation (Competition Introduction)

If you are unsure about your eligibility to participate in this course, please contact competition@onweightlifting.ca for more information

Please note: there are extensive requirements to be completed after taking this course before you can be "Competition Development Certified". Please see the Coaching Information and Certification Page for more information.

The facilitators for this course are Daniel Robitaille and Francois Gravelle.


Cost:  $450

Head to  http://www.coachesontario.ca/funding-for-coaches/  to apply for a coaching bursary!

Deadline: Registration closes February 5, 2020

Please contact OWA if you have any questions.

First Start Project

ATTENTION Ontario Elementary & Secondary School Teachers!!!

Become a Qualified Leader in presenting introductory Olympic Weightlifting Skills.

Attend an 8-hour practical course presented by an Ontario Weightlifting Association Course Facilitator.

Working in an interactive adult learning environment, you will be provided with:

  • detailed training resources for the delivery of your training to your athletes/students

  • practical experience with the movements


Explore: Long Term Athlete Development - How weightlifting skills training can be incorporated into your current training and added into current school curriculum.

Skills Addressed:

Clean Dead Lift * Snatch Dead Lift * Clean Pull * Snatch Pull * Power Snatch * Power Clean * Front Squat * Back Squat * Military Press * Push Jerk * Overhead Snatch Squat

Contact the Competition Administrator for more information on how to set up this course in your community!

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