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NCCP Competition Introduction
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NCCP Practical Evaluation
Category 4 Technical Official
First Start Project

April 4, 2020

NCCP Competition Introduction Evaluation - North Bay - POSTPONED (Date TBD)

Canadore College

9am - 5pm

This evaluation is intended for those who have attended and completed the “NCCP Competition Introduction” technical course.

To be eligible for this course, a participant must be "trained" in their NCCP profile and must have completed several other prerequisites. Only those coaches who have completed ALL prerequisites will be eligible to register for this evaluation. See the Coaching information page for more details.

All coaches wishing to be evaluated at this competition MUST be actively coaching a minimum of 1 NEW ATHLETE to the sport of weightlifting. Athletes who have competed before will not be accepted as your athlete as part of the practical evaluation process.

Evaluator: Francois Gravelle

This evaluation is taking place at the 2020 Scholastic Challenge. Your athlete must register to compete using the posted competition registration.

Registration is ongoing, following the steps below:

Step 1: complete all prerequisites (NCCP Competition Introduction technical course, and the Make Ethical Decisions Online Evaluation for Competition Introduction) 

Step 2: send NCCP transcript showing that all prerequisites have been met to

Step 3: register using link you will receive by email after transcript has been reviewed and approved.

Fee: $105

Deadline: Sunday, March 15, 2020

Note that you MUST submit your NCCP transcript to the OWA showing that all prerequisites have been met BEFORE you will be invited to register for the evaluation. NO exceptions will be made. 

Please see the Coaching Information page for details or contact with any questions.

First Start Project

ATTENTION Ontario Elementary & Secondary School Teachers!!!

Become a Qualified Leader in presenting introductory Olympic Weightlifting Skills.

Attend an 8-hour practical course presented by an Ontario Weightlifting Association Course Facilitator.

Working in an interactive adult learning environment, you will be provided with:

  • detailed training resources for the delivery of your training to your athletes/students

  • practical experience with the movements


Explore: Long Term Athlete Development - How weightlifting skills training can be incorporated into your current training and added into current school curriculum.

Skills Addressed:

Clean Dead Lift * Snatch Dead Lift * Clean Pull * Snatch Pull * Power Snatch * Power Clean * Front Squat * Back Squat * Military Press * Push Jerk * Overhead Snatch Squat

Contact the Competition Administrator for more information on how to set up this course in your community!

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POSTPONED, Date TBD: Ontario Classic *ELITE*
CANCELLED: Scholastic Challenge, North Bay ON

CANCELLED: NCCP Competition Introduction Evaluation - Scholastic Challenge, North Bay

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