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As part of the CWFHC's commitment to advancing coach training and competency, we are proud to announce the new "competency-based" format for coach certification in weightlifting.  This new format replaces the old NCCP model, which ranked coaches in levels from 1 through 5.  The new coach certification levels for weightlifting are:

  • Club Coach

  • Performance Coach

  • High Performance Coach

Advantages of the new format:

  • Recognizes excellence at each level of coaching.  For example, although one coach may excel at working with international calibre athletes, she or he may not have the skills to coach beginner or intermediate athletes.  As a result, the new format recognizes and promotes excellence at each level of coaching specialization.

  • Requires each coach to satisfy practical requirements in both the training and competition environments.   Although the standards differ between levels, Performance and High Performance certification levels additionally require the weightlifting coach to have a documented history of athletes at hight levels of performance.

Instructor Beginner 

Designed to be presented to athletes and coaches from other sports and participants from the health and fitness sector wishing to use Olympic weightlifting skills to improve their performance, this 2-day workshop can be tailored to any age range, and is offered in both a weightlifting training hall and classroom setting. Participants will ultimately learn proper weightlifting skills and techniques, as well as learn how to assist athletes in their lifts.

Competition Introduction Technical Course

This is the first step to being certified to be able to coach athletes as OWA-sanctioned events. 

Coaches will leave this course feeling confident about developing their weightlifting athletes’ performance and will be equipped to steer them toward a progressive competitive environment. Designed for people who have an Olympic weightlifting background as an athlete, assistant coach, or trainer, this 2-day workshop will enable coaches to gain the skills and knowledge to confidently present their athletes in competitions.

Practical Evaluation

All coaches wishing to be evaluated MUST be actively coaching a minimum of 1 NEW ATHLETE to the sport of weightlifting. Athletes who have competed before will not be accepted as your athlete as part of the practical evaluation process.

All athletes and coaches participating in the evaluation process must have a current membership and in good standing with the OWA. Evaluations take place at OWA-sanctioned competitions; therefore, athletes must be registered in the competition. 


​​ Complete ALL prerequisites. NO exceptions will be made.

  • NCCP Competition Introduction technical course

  • One mandatory multi-sport module - Make Ethical Decisions and complete the online evaluation

  • Submit portfolio

Competition Development Analyze Technical and Tactical Performance Workshop

This course is intended for coaches who want to coach at the national level in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting.



  • Competition Introduction Certified in Weightlifting in your NCCP profile. If you became certified under the old system, you must be “Level 1 Certified.”

  • Make Ethical Decisions Online Evaluation


Note: There are extensive requirements to be completed after taking this course before you can be "Competition Development Certified.” Please see OWA Certification Flowchart for more information. 

Practical Evaluation

All coaches wishing to be evaluated MUST be actively coaching for a minimum of 1 year after completing the Competition Development Analyze Technical and Tactical Performance workshop. In addition, coaches must have prepared and monitored their athlete(s) through the yearly training and preparation cycle towards Nationals.




  • Competition Introduction Certified in Weightlifting in your NCCP profile.

  • NCCP Competition Development Analyze Technical and Tactical Performance workshop

  • Completed the following online evaluations:

    • Make Ethical Decisions

    • Leading Drug-Free Sport

    • Managing Conflict

  • Your athlete meets the senior qualifying standard and is selected for the Junior team for Junior Nationals OR meets the eligibility requirements to compete at Senior Nationals.

  • Submit portfolio

Certification Flowchart
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