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Coach Certification in Weightlifting:

As part of the CWFHC's commitment to advancing coach training and competency, we are proud to announce the new "competency-based" format for coach certification in weightlifting.  This new format replaces the old NCCP model, which ranked coaches in levels from 1 through 5.  The new coach certification levels for weightlifting are:

  • Club Coach

  • Performance Coach

  • High Performance Coach

Advantages of the new format:

  • Recognizes excellence at each level of coaching.  For example, although one coach may excel at working with international calibre athletes, she or he may not have the skills to coach beginner or intermediate athletes.  As a result, the new format recognizes and promotes excellence at each level of coaching specialization.

  • Requires each coach to satisfy practical requirements in both the training and competition environments.   Although the standards differ between levels, Performance and High Performance certification levels additionally require the weightlifting coach to have a documented history of athletes at hight levels of performance.

NCCP Competition Introduction

Practical Evaluation


Next evaluations (registration closes 8 weeks before evaluation): 
April 4, 2020 - Scholastic Challenge, North Bay ON
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The practical evaluation is intended for those who have attended and completed the “NCCP Competition Introduction” technical course. To be eligible for this course, a participant must be either "in training" or “Trained” in their NCCP profile and MUST meet all requirements as outlined in the OWA Coach Certification Flowchart document above. NO exceptions will be made.


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All coaches wishing to be evaluated MUST be actively coaching a minimum of 1 NEW ATHLETE to the sport of weightlifting. Athletes who have competed before will not be accepted as your athlete as part of the practical evaluation process.


All athletes participating in evaluation process for the coaches in training must be currently registered with the OWA as a competitive lifter and must register for the competition with the meet director. As well, participants of this evaluation must be current members in good standing with the OWA as "coaches in training".


Please see the membership page or contact the Administrator with any questions about your membership status.


Refer to the Evaluation Information Sheet and OWA Coaching Flowchart documents for more information, timelines, and deadlines. 


For more information or to submit a copy of your NCCP Transcript showing that all prerequisites for the evaluation have been met, please contact the Competition Administrator.

Also see the Information for Athletes page, Official Information page and Competition Planning page for additional resources.

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POSTPONED, Date TBD: Ontario Classic *ELITE*
CANCELLED: Scholastic Challenge, North Bay ON

CANCELLED: NCCP Competition Introduction Evaluation - Scholastic Challenge, North Bay

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