Club Registration

Clubs are required to renew their membership annually at the start of each season. The weightlifting season runs from April 1st to March 31st annually.

To see the list of OWA-registered clubs, click here.

Annual Club Fee: $60.00

Club contacts must have, at minimum, a volunteer membership. 


Please be aware that members with athlete or coach memberships are also required to be a member of a bona fide registered OWA Club for a minimum of one year/season. If an OWA member chooses to change their club membership mid-season, the member must complete a Club Transfer Application Form.  

The OWA relies on our members to make the sport better. We would appreciate all clubs volunteering at as many events as possible by sharing equipment and/or providing members to help with officiating, setup, teardown or loading. If representatives of your club are able to volunteer at any events on the OWA calendar, please let us know as early as possible.


All 2019/2020 memberships have been extended until the first OWA-sanctioned event 
is confirmed for the 2020/20201 season.
The 2020/2021 membership forms will be made available once the first competition is scheduled. 
Contact Administrator for any questions.

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Upcoming Events

Please note changes to the following events. New dates will be posted once confirmed. 

POSTPONED, Date TBD: Ontario Classic *ELITE*
CANCELLED: Scholastic Challenge, North Bay ON

CANCELLED: NCCP Competition Introduction Evaluation - Scholastic Challenge, North Bay

Next Event Location